The typewriter of Consciousness

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With dark glistening eyes

portruding outward center

widening the chase

of self breaking

tiny you


So scared of might and power

Receding, presiding under you

Thundering, Bolting and Stampeding

to get through to you

Your will helplessly steering

Screaming: ‘This I can not do”

Too Big, too Wild, whereas

control is needed

to be just tiny you.


The mare is biting now, chewing,

and as you are swallowed


You screamwake into you



Hastening. The work

of tomorrow’s death

by mail order bride

holy matrimony

meaning unknown

sown under burning bushes

seek and thou

recede into

the culprits

of unknown, unspoken, soft lit answers


I shushed the window’s plainless steel

amorated lover, gleen suckless life

a roof sizzling death and despair

and hot naked bodies, ripening, sour.

Needless to say they were destined to

be poor of heart and mind,

but my jealousy grew purple

of the timeless lust they would endure

a fleeting coming moment;

like a drop of water

spilled on their bodies


then gone

or was it

Forever dissolved

in a moment long gone by,

seen something unseen,

telling you the passerby:

nothing, I am certain

flowing into you

I will stay here and there forever,

Friends, Me and You,

dissolving Love forever

Oneindig leven


Opstaan, huilen

en verder gaan

armjovel bestaan

ontdaan & welgesteld

een nieuwe liefde aangesteld

Totdat hij weer belt

Verkeerd verbonden

een engel gezonden

stilte op de lijn

Hoe ver zou het door de

                    kabel zijn

om op te stijgen

om ook te zwijgen

onder klaroen geschal

of turntable

oneindig Fable


welgeteld 1 level

Per secondewijzer

in een seconde leven,

angst of geven,


mijlen zien ver


per secondewijzer.


de trage wijze:

hier en nu



in een seconde leven


I live in a lasting second

She opened her belly

& I walk pensively

while she bowels out

digests every happenstance

of people rushing by, bye, bye, bye

I remain quiet in her belly

not breaking out

learning in a second

vaporizing doubt


Must I be this life

this structure


Can I rupture into



curse life

curse being


I depend on you

buy me, free me, from this life

let’s conjulate, whatever it

may be

so that I may live

a life away

from you and me


I am still in the womb.

protected by all this cloth,

fear is seeping through;

”Arbeit macht frei”

may I choose


free to buy

my own flavour bullshit.

I don’t want to be

in the grown up moshpit.

I’ll rather sit with

the witty little ones and

make wacky silly flavours


treacherous, threatening, awe inspiring, jealousy envoking girl;

all words desperately trying to become flesh,

to magically invoke your presence.

you allude this world into being,

shadowy and transient,

in fact a mirage.

because when we’ll meet

the words recede,

and I’ll mumble;

‘lucid dreaming’ and more of that sort.