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I’m locked in a cage,
& I can get out.
If only I knew where this prison ended,
I could step outside.
But you are everywhere
& moving into nowhere fast.

Maybe out on the ocean
I might find blissful Dark.
Away from blind watchful eyes
Lurking, disclosing my kind, my essence
To any bidder

Who is bidding to suck me dry.

Secreting my own prison
A spider caught in its own web
But I never was and will be a spider

Cut me loose, somebody, anybody!?
Nobody answers.

“All caught in a hidden camera loop
Please click this ad!
AND Satisfy…

You still here?! Go on, get on, secrete some dollar soup.
And we will finish this infinite loop.”


Pound flash crash business as usual.

A black swan is a rare and beautiful sight. Here, where I live, I can go to the park and admire these elegant creatures. I could go daily, but I won’t. Most likely most of us haven’t seen a black swan ever. The world of the stock exchange is oft perceived as a fast and exotic place. They are absolutely right! Because between 2006 and 2011, a black swan was sighted there on average more than 10 times a day.

Research by Neil Johnson at the University of Miami shows that in a 5 year period black swan events, or big wild swings in an ultra-short period of time, took place a whopping 18,520 times. These sightings passed by so fast that in the time for a human to become aware of this rare creature it had also disappeared from sight, only leaving a (digital) paper trail. These ultrafast hiccups are actually algorithms besting it out in less than a second.

Compare that to a brawl in a bar. Your annoyingly drunk friend gets in a fight, thrown to the ground, and helped back up and, in good measure, ordered a beer, all in under a second. Are you a bad friend by not noticing? Are the folks of Banking Supervision bad friends of ours, because they are not stepping in fast enough to stop our algorithmic friends beating up an innocent stock?

For these kinds of questions, we need a dead French philosopher to help us out. Baudrillard is just the guy to channel in. We believe that the stock exchange in the long term will show us how companies are really doing, right? Right now Baudrillard is laughing his French ghost laugh right in your face… Because, according to him, reality can no longer be produced. We try to map it, but our doodles are not resembling reality, nor the truth. It looks worse than the self-portrait of your 4-year-old nephew.

So what on earth has this French philosopher to do with our question about ninja fast algorithms behaving badly in Wall Street? Hold on to your brain, because now the tough cookie part begins. First, a Baudrillardian question: If algorithms are not producing the real then what are they producing?

Second, we can talk more about your friend who gets really annoying after a certain amount of alcohol and the correct input. Because, yes, that is exactly how an algorithm works. Really, only here alcohol equals time. The more alcohol our mutual friend consumes the more annoyingly unpredictable he gets. The faster an algorithm works the more annoyingly unpredictable it gets.

Just listen to the frantic screams from Wall Street after a bunch of our algorithmic friends roamed through Wall Street, casually causing the flash crash in 2010, also known as the four minutes of apocalyptic financial doom.

And let us be honest, our mutual friend is not a daily bad drunk, if he was then we would unfriend him in an instance but met with the right circumstances, he occasionally just goes bonkers. Our algorithmic friends however, just happen to be alcoholics who go violent at least 10 times a day. And I almost forgot, they don’t smash up barstools, but violently distort a stock price. Of natural gas, for example. And that, ladies and gents, can have a nasty effect on your pension fund, your bank, our economy. You know, the stuff that is harder to replace than a barstool…

Sobered up, we return to our first question. What are the algorithms producing if not the real, or the actual state and value of companies? That question I will leave you with for now. But ask yourself; would you accept this behaviour from a friend? Or would you prefer friends that do not get into ninja fast brawls 10 times a day, every day, without even being able to notice the start, let alone being able to step in and try to soothe everyone, before that one big brawl starts that destroys the entire bar. O, and where the bar is actually our financial world…
Time for an intervention?

Zus van Icarus

Zweven duurt even,
Is geen vlucht,
Zal niet vliegen,

Het zweven
Is het even bedriegen,

Vliegen zonder vlucht.

Sanctifying vision

The wave hits my retina
& I have to decide
Particle black or white

Ugliness incorporated
is suddenly deflated
When I see
It’s me

As soon as I realize
That those are my eyes
Projecting into me
Sanctifying vision


Onder het kleed van de wanhoop,
Schuilt verlangen, naakt,
Open, mengbaar,
Een oever

Naar verlies van woorden.


Ingehouden ademloos zit ik
op nat zadel wachtend op de trappers die kansloos meefietsen naar het eindje
verderop tussen Eikenlaan en Coöp
Daartussen kussen 2 paar lippen
Daartussen openen en dichten
monden naast elkaar;
de woorden van angst
Of van eeuwig sluiten.

Voor nu, staan we Simpelweg buiten
& druppelt regenwater
van palmboomtak op
gesmolten hoofd
Zoals onder water werd beloofd.

Black is the colour

Why  not, asked the man in black.
‘It’s a sin, I believe’
Why is that?
I sought for answers
But none were like unto a circle
So, I used my body to
Chain matter to my
Blackwilled power
And took off in single
Nebula forgetting light


Plots een schrijver te zijn
is beseffen lek te zijn
Een stroom druppelt door
zelf heen op papier
En stelt brutaal zich voor
als literatuur, ontdaan af
Gedaan te worden als kattebel.
Dit werkt wonderwel,
want slechts 1 gelovige
Met veel lekkende
Gaten is nodig.


Forever dissolved

in a moment long gone,

seen something unseen,

telling you the passerby:

nothing, I am certain

flowing into you

I will stay here and there forever,

Friends, Me and You,

dissolving Love forever


Olivier Xandu (2)

Olivier Xandu smirked about Marquis de Sade:

”Amateur”, and went about frying

potatoes in a Pan

Hysterically laughing while

they suffered and became

blackened shadows

of fruitfull potentiality

”This is evil”, he said solemn

”now life is death,

my crystalline art”